Hey, so… I have this new single out… you should check it out.

This is a song I recorded last year with nerdcore guy Devo Spice. It went on to be a triumphant 14th placer in the Dr. Demento Show’s Funny 25 of 2009, impressive, I know. I’m not all that used to making hip-hop music, but I’ve been told that the lyrics are pretty good.

The reason I’ve decided to finally release it digitally is that I heard that the amazingly talented (I mean this ironically of course) Jason Friedberg is making another terrible spoof movie, this time of the equally terrible Twilight saga. The funny thing is, the title of the movie is apparently going to be “Vampires Suck”… so naturally I want to get this out so that I can at least have proof that my track came out first.

If you want to download the song for free you can always go to my music store.